The OstraciidaePedia

Our online encyclopedia of the Ostraciid family. Members of this family our square shaped, bony species such as the boxfish and cowfish. The family Ostraciidae is in the order tetroadontiformes, which means cowfish are closely related to pufferfish and triggerfish.

Small Ostraciids -6 inches

Medium Ostraciids 6-12 inches

Large Ostraciids 12+ inches

*below are a few facts that apply to all cowfish

- All cowfish have the ability to release poisonous ostracitoxin, therefore they must not be kept with aggressive or boisterous tank mates.

- Ostraciids may have a preference for valuable corals and invertebrates. It is wise to "test" your cowfish by placing an inexpensive or unwanted coral/invert to see how the fish will react. Judging by the response of the fish it will be known whether the fish is a coral/invert eater or not.

- Aquaria housing cowfish should mimic the natural environment of the fish as well as possible eliminating problems such as boredom. Cowfish aquaria require excellent filtration as these fish, like other tetroadontiformes, are messy eaters and produce large amounts of waste.

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